Aug 5, 2015

A Day With Darla

The rain gains on itself
Darla literally pulls her braid out, as the storm moves in,
blowing the positivity she grew to know, love and respect
in opposite directions. The hail was spiteful and hard headed as ever.
It beats a heavy drum but, usually loses in the end.  Darla (sighs)
The storm chaser has been on vacation for months.
Someone should talk about the dog months of summer.
Those fiery attacks from ultraviolet rays are reeking havoc on blistered chaos.
The non stop pour awakes her worries, she yawns in a state of depression.
The world has gone mad or maybe it's her new designer glasses.
Copper frames are so pretty she thought.  
Before 6:30 am she slams the alarm clock onto the floor.
She couldn't afford to be disturbed this early in the morning.
Sleep deprived, she glances at the headlines,  
Another mother has clipped the wings of a baby angel.
Another black male is brutality shot in the street.
Darla mumbles under her wicked breath. "I heard this same  s%**[] yesterday."
White power and hate crimes are making out like two junkies in the subway.
After sliding on a patterned pair of spandex and beige
loafers she noticed the quiet.  Well, well to her surprise  the storm chaser
decided to get off her @$#$ and return to earth. She is the best at her craft.
In a jiffy the hail was slayed into sprinkles of rain. Across the street,
flashed a double rainbow.
Darla hadn't seen such a spectacular sight since her childhood.
Running a little late, she makes a dash for the door,
pushing herself into God knows what. One foot out the door and "splat!"
She steps a loafer into a thick brown puddle.
Darla thinks, I've gotta get a pair of galoshes.


By Jhpoetry 2014-2015
All rights reserved by author

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