Aug 11, 2015

A Special Love

The very night we met,
The same night I wept,
For the future gave promise,
My pale eyes were mesmerized by his light,
a light, bright as the crystal chandelier;
the twinkling sensations in the violet sky.
Our bodies swaggered left to right in harmony,
as we became piano keys in the dark.
He stole my heart like soft butter.
On this whimsical day, wishes descend as snowflakes
as our avalanche quakes from burning desire.
I had to taste him, the sweetest part I savored for last,
I didn't care about his past or what people thought.
They should catch our passion marks; a feel good touch. 
We are the perfection of new love.
I have been kissed by a gentleman rose.
He is a one of a kind-undying rose.
Every day I am grateful for his inspiration.
He is the ying in my yang that craves my romantic ink.
He continues to crown me as his Queen.
We have discovered a special kind of love.

By Jhpoetry ©2012-2013

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