Aug 30, 2015


It is 3:30 am, I hear the girls coming in
Sneaker halts, quiet chat if there is one
The inconsiderate divas who “click, clack” the hall
Dropping crumbs in the lobby area
I know what you did girlfriend, hope you enjoyed
When was the last time I did it?
I hear the boasts from the so-called working class
The independents holding up two jobs to escape
The depression, they can’t tell night from day
Usually running around with canisters and bad hair
Outside my cherry wood door shut nice and tight
Like me, closed up and hard inside
I’m not about to swallow my pride
Tell my business for the sneers and giggles
It bothers me like an aggravating hang nail
It’s best to keep to myself
Awake in the morning to silence, drink iced coffee
Make them envious of my lazy days
Make them think I have it going on unless they no better
That I haven’t heard from anyone in weeks
Unless I stop phoning and phoning
Nobody’s paying attention, it appears
Except the older woman who toes around and talks too much
The one who loves to give compliments… scary huh
She’s probably bored, feels out of place too
I conclude we are both unwanted slaves

By Jhp ©2014-2015
All Rights Reserved By Author

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