Aug 20, 2015

The Heart of a Poet Is No Joke

Lately, it’s been difficult to write through
the pain, finally get comfortable,
comfortable enough to express myself
on black and white,
you see I’ve been in a psychical fight
with my right hand, the dominate one
the pains run up my arm into my big thumb
I ask myself how am I going to accomplish this
when it seems my dream is hopeless
at becoming the poet and author I should be
the doctor’s diagnosis is like a knife in the back,
my wrist in some sort of cast?
he doesn’t understand the pen and poet dynamics
my stomach has been doing back flips ever since
I heard this crazy bull @#@$W##!
the doctor is insane, the nurse is insane
I’m going to fight through this pain
I have no choice but to, if Moses can part the red sea
the pen alleviates me
whatever I need to release
however, I did reach for an extended pain pill
on the top shelf, non-narcotic of course
after a few minutes, don’t you know my
vision started to blur
but the devil is a liar
so I bat my eyelashes a couple of times to focus
to voice my opinion on the matter at hand
I’m not a chump when it comes to the pen
I don’t give up that easy so bully be gone
POOF! It’s like that….

By Jhpoetry ©2014-2015

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