Sep 14, 2015

A Day with Darla #2

The day was too pretty to argue, stir up old grudges,
Darla thought to see the playful hands and sizzling gestures
swoon outside her small townhome.
She and he should have driven until there was not
a drop of gas in the tank.
Darla covered the unfinished countertop with a checkered cloth.
She went into her closet only to sulk at her sexy blue jean outfit hanging
just like her…. Darla mumbled “at least there aren't
missing rhinestones.”
The day was too pretty to be innocent, as she pictured
herself getting into a little mischief.
She should have kept the blaze burning like big rigs turning on a
smooth highway; a bottle of warm oil for those intimate ideas.
That’s what she should have been doing instead of complaining.
Today, she would settle for his small talk.
She promised not to laugh at his c’mon lines.
He didn’t have to be a gentleman.
She didn’t have to be a lady either. Not today….
It didn’t matter as long as she was different and he wasn’t the same.
The day was too pretty to smoke cigarettes indoors while discussing
her problems over the crisis hotline. This would only lead to more
hopelessness in the end.  And the fun would be over;
the day would be gone as she finds herself in a vague position this
year. Missing out… missing out… missing him

By Jhpoetry ©2014-2015
All Rights Reserved By Author

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