Sep 3, 2015


He’s gentler than soft music
Wouldn’t harm a flea
Has a perfectly trimmed goatee
And that walk, that walk
Keeps me intrigued
In the best kind of way
My modern day Casanova
My thoughts of him are golden
He’s always there
Looking out for me
I tell him I have everything I need
But he aims to please me even more

Massaging my feet if they are sore
Cupcakes and champagne on speed dial
And he delivers them with a smile
Without words, I can almost hear
The three words I long to hear
I am yours, you are mine, let’s be together
Some women can’t understand
Why he’s an exception
Why I’m secretly falling in love with him
I say what’s not to love
He’s my angel on earth
God is still performing miracles
But, they will never be able to see

What is meant for me
My discovery of a rarity in the flesh
I am blessed with the ~Exceptional~

By Jhp ©2014-2015

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