Sep 25, 2015

We Got Game (explicit)

Humping and rolling
Pop goes the weasel
Why must the dog chase the cat?
Coz we won’t stop, can’t stop
A thug misses in the house
Doing a real live gangsta
Frowned up with his gold crowns
I’m throwing it back
He don’t know how to act, except
Tackle me in a playback
Booty bounces to the side
He talks to me like “open wide”
Coz all he wanna do is zoom, zoom
On full throttle
I’m a ride or die so I’m taking orders

Like “yea baby” touching my clitoris
Nipples poking out, cum and piss drips
From the mouth of my nookie
He’s read the book on every play
A master at his game
A magic stick that’s erect and comes correct
And now he’s about to cum
His body shakes from waiting too long
tongue hung like Michael Jordon going for the slam
He yells… OOooohhhh….hell yea!!!
Grabbing his dic, one hand on my tit
Trembling & trembling
Wham , bam thank you ma’am
My butt cheeks still clapping from our performance
Next time we should record us
Staring at us in the hallway mirror
This is how we do …


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