Oct 5, 2015

Darla's Special Occasion #3

Five months, 4 weeks, 3 days, 2 hours, and 1 minute is the last time
Darla had felt truly loved. Her and Jake's intimacy should have
been picture framed. She wanted to capture their romantic moments in time.
Although their orgasmic moans played in her head like a scratched CD.
Still, she saw the dusk as the beginning of the end.
Yes, the sex is beautiful and Jake is a great catch.
However, Darla didn't know how long they could go on in
this long distant relationship. Flesh upon warm flesh, bodily fluids mixing and
night screams in the midnight. Not to forget their long walks on the beach,
discussing future plans. Both of them joking around, but in a serious manner
about who should move where and why. Their fantastic week was up.
Darla reclined on the bed as if she had eaten a big plate of soul food.
Jake really didn't ask too many questions to her dismay. She assumed
everything was solid and sound. Getting up and dressed was the hardest part.
"You should have wore a skirt," Jake yanked on her front zipper.
Darla shimmied into her blue jeans. Her outfit had been in the
closet long enough. Jake got up to fix himself a sandwich.
Darla stomped her foot on the stain resistant carpet.
She couldn't miss the train again. No way! Darla shouted,
"Jake just because I'm a writer it doesn't make my career less
important than yours !" He quickly swallowed the last bite.
Jake slipped on a pair of black dress pants and a black see through shirt.
Darla hated it when Jake did that. Some lucky woman is going to be
getting all that sexy she seems to be letting go of. Well, it's back to the east coast.
(Jake dropped Darla off at the somewhat desolate train station)
 "Call me so we can have Skype sex," Jake whispered into Darla's ear.
But, he barely made eye contact before shutting the car door.
Darla lip synced Skype sex with a fake laugh before
walking near the clerk's counter. Darla thought, I hope this isn't the end.
She was willing to download Skype.

By Jhp ©2014-2015
All rights reserved by author

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