Oct 5, 2015

Glance at Destiny

Our faces cross path. A secret silence takes flight
in a private and personal glance.
The magnetic chemistry has me at a standstill.
I'm seeing butterflies in winter, snowflakes in spring,
if he only knew the power that he brings to my imagination.
The heart and mind want to marry...
He stirs me to search for infinite possibilities.
Love can emerge from the whitest shadows when
there's nothing to look for; it can creep through the slightest candle
when you're walking in darkness. As long as the yearning exist
then we should cross our daily path.
My commute would not be in vain, yet,
it would take on a colorful meaning.
Destiny is two blocks up the street and to the left of
the Greek goddess mural.

By Jhp ©2014-2015
All rights reserved by author


  1. mmmm ... if he only knew the power he brings to my imagination ... NICE !!

    1. ty so much for reading and leaving a comment. x's