Nov 17, 2015

Give Me You

Give me the earth and its smile drawn in red clay
A day of my own when tomorrow goes astray
In the turbulent winds, a soft kiss across my back
A kind shoulder to lean on and take up my slack
You do this for me, you and only you
Never cease to amaze me with a touch of our truth
An effortless gesture which puts me in the mood
You do this for me, you and only you
Gaze, gaze yourself inside the insatiable me
And save a gentle flame for my naked dreams
We can do this every night and every eve
Even when the earth stops burning, even when the world
Stops believing in the finer you and me 
Keep bringing back more sweet memories
I know I may sound a tad bit broken when I sing “Give me”
Only the best from you is what I need


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