Nov 3, 2015


She had been passed around more than the
American dollar, her demeanor were the likes
of a plain Jane. She despised it so she called herself Karma.
They would sit around the square table and whisper what,
how and when. The boys club that is...

You see Karma was not your everyday girlfriend.
Karma was innocent, but, guilty of abusing love.
She wanted it badly and generous she was…
Once she had standards of the love she thought she had,
but, as time grew older Karma would come around again and again.

Most men shunned her sight, walking with their nice petite wives.
But, they'll never forget the fantasies she fulfilled or their own.
Maybe they didn’t recognize her at all?
The drugs, booze and STD's had left a deep impression.
Now, she's not as choosy a lover.
She tell the gentlemen” take a number” as they walk
to and from room 400.

Some would rape her just to see her smile;
a definite tragedy in a moments while.
Karma lost her joy some years back.
She was a scorned woman who lacks desire.
The abuse took its toll and stole her golden fire.
"I'm not paying you; you filthy slut!”
A man shouts through bobbed wire.

Beat by the streets, by the lovers game for Karma was unaware of
the rules. She was ashamed to run back to family who ran  
whenever they saw her. "It's over," she sighs as she drinks, take a puff, 
and one last hit. The only orgasm she would feel goes deep into her veins.Temporary___
And tonight she wanted it to last forever.
She knew she would find love someday.
It’s as easy as catching a butterfly, trippin off her trip.
Ain't Karma a bytch!


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