Nov 10, 2015

Please Don't Shoot Up The Club

The world class haters put us against the odds,
we had to show them their game is weak compared
to ours  We specialize in being the
motivators of love.  Hear our inspiring anthem.
Welcome to an exclusive club where positivity is
being served and poetic lyrics is the natural high.
Feel the vibe, the better off you’ll be when you
Step inside to a happy rhythm. Only the ones who
cater towards the negative kind can bust a move outside
the door.  We’re not for that ride or die showbiz.

We are the new millennium standing for non-violence,
from the ghetto kings and queens in run down houses
to the suburban elites in glass sky rises.
Our lives are about being without the stressful captivity.
A jazzy crew with a taste of classy on the side;
old school and new school duos doing the Electric Slide.
Spectators want to know our Swirl, it’s easy when
you embrace the world. Dark minds can’t conceive it;
an impure hearts can’t achieve it.  Our vision for the
futuristic funk shines brighter than a 70’s disco ball.
So whatever you do just please don’t shoot up the club!
Take a chill pill along with some deep breaths.

#alllivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #stoptheviolence


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