Jan 18, 2016

I Am Freedom

I am freedom

liberty bells ringing
upon gritty teeth
eyes of  justice
that carry me
a torch burning
with hope and perseverance
I am freedom,
heavenly empire buildings
the walking sun
borders of  cultured collections
standing for the cause of
the red, white and blue
I key the truth
in every generation
the red, the black and the green
telling the cries
of many ancestors creed
with healing words
I am freedom,
from sea to sea
the night skies plea
a water glass of epiphany
over the glaciers sleek
and valley lows
as I break the
chains of bondage
with mild  temperance
and united love
I'll show the world
I am freedom

"In Honor of Black History"

By Jhpoetry 2014-2015
All rights reserved by author

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