Jan 27, 2016

Winter Time Blues

When the morning frost bites my toes,
I no longer have your nose to rub against mine.
When the wind sends a chill over my arms and legs,
My emotions curd as the cream in my coffee.
For the love I’m longing for sinks as the sunset.
The rosy air I exhale seems as if it will be my last.
I hear the blues falling on deaf ears. For it’s not your
calm voice that kisses my fears.  Not even a short
whisper of rain can hold back my tears.
You can’t hear me now, the crunch of snow and ice
covers the sidewalk.  We share the same walk every
late evening but my stained heart deceives me with a smile.
If you could see me and see how I retreat into the
empty harvest of my soul.  No one can reap from
emptiness sweetheart.  There shall be no feasting on
sweet potato pies or golden turkey legs.  A modest brick
house and lonely bed for me instead.  As my portable
cd player echo flat notes.  I only reminisce of you and I.
The season has many reasons for change. But, your wavering
heart I cannot explain. I have but a pondering left on the
taste buds of my mind. How long will I have to suffer the
winter time blues?

By Jhpoetry 2014-2015
All rights reserved by author

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