Feb 14, 2016

A Valentine Genie

Tonight you'll be mine
I stake my claim
there's no one else to blame
for what we're about to do
There shall be no long work
hours or long stem flowers
greeting me  soon
So darling,  turn off you're cell phone, Allow me to visually kiss you
from head to toe
if I'm doing it wrong than
teach me how to get it right
to make this full moon night last a lifetime
My body shall  be your red fire
My spirit shall be the  birthday surprise you've always  desired
and then some
I can grant you the happiest moments of your best days to come
You'll see ...
You'll see...
A snap of the fingers
A simple 123
As sure as the sweetest air
you breathe
Because tonight I'm your Valentine Genie.

By Jhpoetry 2016
All rights reserved by author

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