Feb 4, 2016

Deposit With Love

I've been waiting by the bank
where it's nice and green
to see if what you say, you really mean
that we need a joint deposit
Our money is gone, so are the offshore accounts
I wave goodbye as the black sand amounts
The bills are overdue today
We must not delay, less our hard work decays
Stay, think our plans through
Isn't wealth best shared between us two?
Hurry soon, before the volt closes
Before the green backs become thorny roses
Therefore, sweet one, we were meant to receive
By sowing beneficial financial seeds
The banker is calling so stop your balling
There's nothing worse than foreclosure warnings
We both have lied, cheated and been untrue
I have given my last dime so don't be a fool
You called my bluff, that’s right you win
Now open up your wallet and deposit the love in

I appreciate any comments. ty so much

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