Mar 28, 2016

Darla, Back at Home Pt. 2

The sun smiled in and out as Darla drove down the Blvd 
in her black two seater. She felt another migraine coming on as 
she reached in her bag for a Tylenol. 
Finally she pulled up to her two door garage condo. 
As she slowly walked towards her door, her somewhat nosy 
neighbor Valene ran out with a garden hose. 
Darla waved hello as she hopped out of her 3 inch heels. 
Just as she stepped inside the phone rang in the back bedroom. 
On the other end of the answering machine was her 
cousin from Dansville. It sounded urgent so Darla called back. 
As Darla listened to her cousin Tracy, 
the cellphone dropped to the floor. Darla's acrylic nails 
covered her eyes as she tried to hold back the waterfall that 
would eventually flow upon her face. 
There was no one to console her. At that moment Darla 
realized she needed someone for support. 
Her past experiences were ruining her bright future. 
Especially the past relationship with her family. 
Darla begin to splash tap water onto her heart shaped face. 
She took a deep breath and reached in 
the cabinet for a bottle of wine. 
It had been 5 years since she took a drink of alcohol. 
But she needed something to help ease her nagging headaches 
or was she making an excuse.

By Jhpoetry 3-18-16
All rights reserved by author