Mar 28, 2016

Darla, Back at Home

Darla stepped off the steel train. 
Her ride went smoothly compared to her last trip. 
Darla's plump frost lips puckered as she sucked on 
a piece of peppermint candy. The wind was chilly, 
Darla whispered, "here I am, back in the cold-cruel city." 
She really enjoyed the Sacramento vibe. 
Well what she really meant is that she really enjoyed Jake. 
Just as she was about to head towards the parking 
lot some bad kid yanked her used iPhone from her fingertips. 
"Lil bastard," Darla shouted in the street. Her kinky edges seem to 
have stood on end more than ever. 
The fire in her root beer eyes could kill the craziest criminal. 
Darla wrapped her long arms around her thick silhouette. 
She felt helpless... no one noticed and no one seem 
to care in her world.

By Jhpoetry 3-18-16
All rights reserved by author

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