Apr 28, 2016

When There's Interference

In the background,  a melody echoes,
snaps me back to the creamy leather,
after our I do's were done, and the great heavens
poured out every drop until we became as one
observing the imported stone countertop
slighty scratched like the firm flesh upon his back,
I recall him sneaking up from behind, squeezing
 his love handles into mine
in the mid eve as the sun sets outside our kitchen window,
our reflection chimes in, sways like the rythmic wind,
so gentle and free a scenery clothed for longevity,
the virtues we have always looked for
but, we were experiencing too much noise at the door
the screaming collage of hidden foes, nosy friends and
monster work weeks with no means to an end
but, when you have a friend first and a sweet.. sweet ...
lover second... than prepare yourself for nothing
except the best of blessings
every time we're together and apart a luminous whisper
softens me; a stronghold from our guardian angel
sends a crisp melody in the background.
and I can only picture you, I, and thee
for he is our comfort in times of need
a powerful force field we live for indeed...
as long as we strive to please him than our
pure hearts shall conquer beyond tomorrow,
last beyond decades, and surpass a lifetime

by Jhpoetry 2015-2016
all rights reserved by author

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