May 17, 2016

Darla's Cure

She didn't seem like a doctor Darla thought as she she sat in the oval office. Of course it had the hard grain wood and marble finish. But, the doctor was too friendly, like a long last acquaintance. Darla observed the lady toss her blond hair to the side. OMG! Darla felt panicky, her forehead began to sweat. Dr. Pursee stated politely but with hesitation "Darla your MRI looks normal at this time" "Have you been worried about anything? The tiny room sounded as if Godzilla had hit Japan as Darla's family members gathered around to discuss Granny's living arrangements. This last fall Granny took really scared everyone. Darla's cousin Tracey made sure she was crossed off the list, popping her gum loud enough for the universe and beyond. Darla raised her hand, "well I may have to go back to school if I don't land another book deal soon. " "I mean, when I'm finished I'd be happy for Granny to come and live with me. " Darla was not taking the fall this time, besides the whole family had already labeled her as quirky because of her traveling habits and exotic lifestyle. Darla had tried her best to shed the negative image but she was only 33 and felt like she had gave up too much of everything. She was pretty, alone and basically celibate. Back home Darla spoke briefly on the phone with Jake. His voice made her coochie quiver or maybe she was just horny. Darla laid across the bed rubbing her nipples until they popped like red cherries in her see through night shirt. Between conversation she took sips of wine. She told Jake she really wish things could be better. Both agreed next month they would freak like rabbits and go from there. Meanwhile, Darla decided she would air out her boring lifestyle and hit Club Frenchez tomorrow night. She had to look fresh and hot. She wanted her body to sizzle as her passion deep within. Tomorrow she'd find the perfect dress for the occasion. With a big grin Darla dug out an expired condom wrapper from her capri pocket. By Jhp ©2015-2016 All rights reserved by author

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