May 9, 2016

Labor of Love

The womb goddess of birth
She is the fertilizer of earth
In every grey strand
Runs tiny feet and hands
A man's entire life
Lies in her lap
Like grazing pastures

Gently, she may ask her
Princess what's the matter
As dark days scatter
At the site of her entrance

For her kindness and persistence
Touches the heart of the most High, She is why the clean kiss exist; She is why man cannot resist Woman

Some call her Mom, some call her Mama but the most respectful name for her is Mother

Let us put fried chicken and mash potatoes on the table for Mother
Shall we give gifts for all the energy
She spent when we were babes
Why yes I say!

We shall  honor her spirit
With youthful memories
And watch her laborers bear
precious fruit to come.

By Jhpoetry 2016
All rights reserved by author

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