Jun 9, 2016

Catching Feelings (spoken)

I guess we should have thought about it
Took a second to think our feelings through
Instead of being true to our feelings
Which led to lust and more falsified emotions
As we roll over, tossing and turning
like a fantastic overage plan
In knotted sheets,  we finally stop to breathe
to hear ourselves out
Among the mumbles of casual sex
After the fantasies of a perfect relationship
Have shriveled like a cheap hair clip
There's no honey drips on this sidewalk
Nothing but a funny smell in the air
It's a weak signal somewhere
Bouncing and bouncing,....
 Because talk is cheap on both ends
We both are spitting out  b.s. stories
Is this why we text instead?
I was singing Uhh... La.. La .. La ...before we met
Tonight , it's apparent we are bumping heads
 instead of giving it.   I guess this is a side effect of catching feelings.

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