Jun 4, 2016

Dreams Move On

Listen to the baby birds
See the fawn in the green
O' how pretty, O ' how lovely 
They can be
A new day is dawning, I tell you
I picture my first summer
In the cold year I wore
A black bummer - jacket
in school
I was cool, Yes, I was real cool
A new day is dawning, I tell you
There in the back seat
He and I peaked continuously
Continuously, we did
Our lust was unending
Climbing topless mountains
Cascading into a pool of fountains》
A new day is dawning indeed
And when the dusk sprinkles it's fire
I'll whisper to a yellow glow
As my burning heart retires
A purple dream shall forgo
For a new day has dawned ....

By Jhpoetry 2015-2016
All rights reserved by author

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