Jun 30, 2016

Sparks In The Air

I'm falling in love with his song,
singing in the shower, dancing,
naked in front of the mirror.
I cannot remember the last time~
This man has me sprung, a soft serenade
on a lush summer’s day; the only star shining
throughout the night.  As we slip and slide inside
the water bed of love, coating the atmosphere.
And my babe likes to nibble on my ears.
He swears he can't get enough of them.

We’re going to celebrate year round what we
have illuminated on earth. No gift is greater
than the giving and receiving of love.
We have what the material world cannot
offer. It's enough to bless a happy lifestyle.
Watch us tilt our champagne glasses in glee,
and listen to the natural sound of our harmony.
May our shine burn brighter and stronger every
given day. My man motions for me to come towards him, 
standing in the middle of the floor. He has a grin so wide
 I can comfortably fit inside of. He knows I can't resist his
 rhythmic grind as we romance as one. 

And what an exquisite occasion to flaunt our
unconditional ecstasy. I and he in the city streets.
The car horns beep; the rude people frown as our
embrace abounds from afar. I whisper to him,
 "give me more of your soul.”  “I need every part of you.”  
May we never stop showing our true affections anywhere. 
We shall decorate the air with our fireworks apparel. 
And continue to Star Spangle Banner sing all the day long. 
My baby wrote a song. He wrote it for me. He dedicated it to me.
I am the woman who sings…

By Jhpoetry 2015-2016
All rights reserved by author