Jul 28, 2016


We've never met
yet we had
an alluring hello
on my causal walk home
I was feeling fro-a-li-cious
with black girl magic.
You had something too.
I wanted to clue you in.
It wouldn't be a sin or taboo
for me to tell you
or for you to tell me.
We aren't lacking...
We only go lacking
if we don't love.

I thought of you in the shower
A creamy spasm began to make
my leg tremble,
I couldn't rub my cooch with
that sudsy Dove body wash for
a minute.
If I needed a stroke
than let it be a stroke of luck;
a Deja vu dream.
Let there be light! A possible chance
we would lock eyes again.
You gave me the business like "Scandal."
Those "big black" lies that black women
aren't beautiful and desired
went straight out of the window.

And believe me, I'll make sure those
little "white lies" your Nana told you
will become an insult to your intelligence.
I want to love you in the most
awesome and seductive way.
It's okay if you like to Shake, Rattle
and Roll, because, baby I can do the
Twist. My summer fling has been
picked from the field of dreams
and my Vanilla Stallion  you are it!

By Jhpoetry 2015- 2016
All Rights Reserved By Author

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