Aug 2, 2016

Canopy Sunrise

"Through our everyday grind
we become mute, unconscious
to subliminal messages.  We
permit social delusions to mask
our authentic confusions. "

A bronze silhouette, an opaque shadow
have little in common, except occupying space.
Charm draws a blank, much like our overhead lamp.
This modern day fixture blinks off & on, off and on,
off and.....
Finally,  the night clasp all
Quiet twirls inward
Thoughts of solitude sit on the side of the bed
Our touch is greeted by hesitance, mundane
tattoos and a  short lived kiss.
I'm sure we wouldn't be that freakish bump
 in the dark.
And like always,  the canopy sunrise would offer
its textured surprise.
Which one would be our keepsake for tonight?
Maybe I'll roll over and you'll break my fall?
Maybe I'll stretch my arms really wide and you'll
be gone? At least, I'm cool whether or not our zodiac
 signs are in alliance.

By Jhpoetry 2015-2016
All rights reserved by author

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