Aug 22, 2016

In The Middle of The Day

I find myself moping, hoping
for something grand to enter 
my small life.
I don't know what...
But, I have a few guesses.
Like love, love, and more love,
Could walk right through
 that pale painted door 
and simply floor me.
I miss sharing it with someone.
Someone who is going to appreciate my values and understand my past. 
The sun sulks , seems to pull the wool over my weary eyes.
Sits me back down, where my heart sinks still.
My hands feel icy cold,
Lonely girl forever, of course not; 
the middle aged woman in a one bedroom, 
I most certainly will not be! 
On the other side of that hollow wall is something grand waiting for me. 
We've been dreaming and thinking about the same thing.
Impatiently, we yearn in the summers heat.

By Jhpoetry 2015-2016
All rights reserved by author

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