Aug 17, 2016

Sticky Stuff

Panties soaked in candy rain
It's insane our name game
Say candy girl 3 x's times
What's my name boyfriend?
It's the candy girl giving
you lots of goodies, goodies
Follow the sprinkle trail and
cancel the fairytales
I won't tell.... therefore
Welcome to my show and tail
I kid you not, a sweaty Snickers bar
on a pizza  night
I hear you cracking your knuckles
As blazing caramel climbs on top
The symphonic Nutcracker sceams aloud
What a nutty special;
An exploit in your mouth truffle
Sticky fingers love a blueberry slurpee
Together they splash into foreplay wetness
Hotter than a cup of cocoa
So drink up the marshmallow flow
Like candy rain cumin on strong
Lickity split until you get to the center
Don't stop until you hit the bottom tootsie roll
Of this honey comb, brown sugar
Ah ! " Baby cakes" smooth on the
velvety  cream nice and thick
Smack it, flip it,  and dip it  into our recipe.

All rights reserved by author

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