Aug 6, 2016


My knees buckled, from his no limit
status, captivating as the Rocky Mountains. I had to have him. He has that star power. One touch of his index finger circling the dimples on my cheeks. He had to go a notch further. We both were on a mission. To achieve an Oscar winning performance. I was a baby doll in the palm of tiger's paw; a soft putty being manipulated and molded as one so desired. I couldn't wait for his art work. I was going to be his remake version. My gut feeling luckier than ever. This could be the real love. Afro curls standing over me like a pot of gold on the stove. Our shimmers and simmers rose as candles in the breeze. His laser eyes sunk deep into mine. If there was an earthly disaster this was going to happen regardless. I was out of my aura. The will power I had withered as petals in August. He wanted to tender kiss the right parts in everything we were doing right. I was the perfect candidate, Lights, Camera, Action. My heart began beating outside my chest. He knew I was nervous, but without a word he allowed his mouth to calm my fears. My gardenia scent locked between our salts. As he explored the Odyssey that I am. Heavy hands landed into the curves of my secreted folds. I didn't need to utter one sound. My love face froze in hypnotic mode. The raw emotions told my story.This was more serious than I thought. I had to hide him in the lavish hills, winding secluded roads of my heart. He deserved to be the studded star in my walk of fame. jhp©2015-2016

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