Aug 7, 2016


His love is more than luck
I felt it within, a happy spirit
leaping through the storm
I read it from the glass corridors
of his divine words
On a merciful day, on a glorious morn
And my emotions overtook me
with grace and childhood memories
I couldn't help but smile
On a lonesome Sunday
His love is my sugar and butter
Even when the rain soaks my soul
The angels of light swoop in
removes my night, 
keeps my pure heart company
I can't help but smile about it
As his love shapes the wool crown
polish these bronze feet of mine
Sacred whispers of 
"there's nothing wrong with your image"
For your skin is the sunshine of existence
As long as these nostrils bear breath
Prayer list and scripture bliss 
shall occupy hands and busy my mind 
For I am blessed in a favored prime
There I stood...
And here I stand in awe of his 
majestic ways
So thankful that my heart breaks like pain
So thankful my lips don't know how to explain
And I can't help but smile

By Jhpoetry 2015-2016
All Rights Reserved by Author

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