Sep 7, 2016

Bouncing Off The Wall

There were one hundred and one, I counted them until
I lost count like sheep sleeping on a top bunk. Baee, Baee…
It's out there in the air, tapping me on the shoulder
jumping up and down on my bad back, riding me until I give up.
How often I've spotted the infer red beam before it crosses my path.
Thoughts can be interesting on the outside, yet,dangerous on the inside.
Like a deer staring at the rear lights only to be hit
by an oncoming truck. Bam! Sometimes I admit, I'm caught off
guard, find myself in a fantasy world minus the drugs.
That's scary.. Coo, Coo, coo, coo.....

This instant, I would settle for bad sex, like drinking
instant coffee. It just doesn't do it for me.  But coffee
is coffee. Once I thought if I colored my hair my surroundings
would change too. It really didn't work. The moon remained the
same. There were no shooting comets on a starry night. No crowd
cheering me on. Bah, rumba, bum, bum.
Imagine the depth of my destruction if I repeated this ritual.
Ding, ding, ding... Well I did until I finally admitted it wasn't the
right approach. What a bummer! Bonk!

For once I would like to lunch date before breakfast.
He and I could make a day of it, perhaps a lifetime.
The Genie in the bottle kind. Pop! At this point, I'll take a crock pot
stew as we gradually simmer together. It would be nice, so very
nice to be able to see what I would be getting into.
It would be awesome to act normal without second guessing his
bizarre behavior. I'd have my better half. But, the truth is I'd
still be missing my head because the past is stuck in it. Oh forget it!
I'm at war with myself. Marriage is overrated. Single, lonely,
self centered, attractive women are underrated. The puzzle doesn't fit.
At least the Red Robin still goes "tweet, tweet."


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