Sep 17, 2016

His Sweet Gal (explicit)

He didn't call Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
But had the nerve to ring me on Monday.
Talking soft and meek like nothing is wrong.
I'm confronting him over the phone.
Like what's up? He replied "nothing" with
no regrets, no feelings and selfish attitude.
He came up with a sob story laced with sick lies.
A small part of me cried inside.
This time was the last time tho.
I wanted him to be angry, feel the pain
I had felt for so long. I wanted him to beg to kiss
the brown off my azz,
lick my sloppy cooch squeaky clean. So tonight,
I'm gonna be kinkier than the woman he
had before me, during me and after me.
This is my assumption you see.
I'm gonna be this man's cake, ice cream,
and soft cookie. I'm throwing in some extras tonight.
Remember, revenge is sweet.
Just look at me (lmfao) I lost the love
in the air he breathed; there is no love
in between our sheets. That's why I'm
dropping this towel. I'm giving him
a sneak peek before he gets knee deep into me.
Listening to his alluring foreplay like it's the quiet storm.
No, I'm not happy at all to tell you the truth.
But, I will be after I do what I need to do.
I know you shouldn't do wrong for wrong.
Obviously, we're not right for each other.
A brotha got a sista stressing 24/7.

"((towel drops)) sweat starts pouring onto 
my neck, back and buttocks. This guy turns me over, 
eats me out from behind. He gave my flower a pluck in 
the midst of a slow grind."

I didn't care... I finally gave my so-called man something
he would be interested in ;a gorgeous, promiscuous and
disloyal woman. I'm telling you I feel so liberated.
I had the cake and this guy ate it! As a matter of fact,
both of them had a fair share. Good girls don't kiss and tell,
they pinky swear. Revenge is sweeter than any kiss on
the collar bone. It is the sweetest fuc I've ever known.


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