Sep 11, 2016


Nobody can do me like the Lord
Nobody can do you like the Lord
He brought the sunshine
He brought the rain
He brought healing through the pain
Gave us another breath to take
Gave us more bread to break
What a wonderful difference Christ has made
As the troubles roll unto the sea
We rejoice with gladness because we are free
Our golden compass in the dark
Our light wings as the lark
He leads us over the stumbling blocks, toils and snares
Christ is always there
Holding us in perfect harmony
In our depressing tears
In our doubtful fears
What a friend, we've found among many
A protector against our enemies
The gate keeper of the lily in the valley
There is nobody else who can give us a new spring
in all things, but our amazing Christ Jesus.

By Jhpoetry 2015-2016
All rights reserved by author

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