Oct 10, 2016

Case Closed

You finally came around,
decided to take  your hat off,
one final attempt to turn back the clock;
a  house into a home,
and plead our case, a case that went cold,
several years ago,
when my mini skirt swung high
and your nappy dreads hung low,
the snow couldn't keep us apart,
our body heat was a supernatural fire,
it's  too bad we became two birds on a wire,
knowing the deck was stacked against us,
the plague of our melanin senses,
is that we hadn't learned true freedom,
a black woman and man in love forever:
a close knit black family living together
under one roof,  that was too much cool,
for a hellish nation to consume ,
instead, we had to test the unquenchable waters,
the ones that tempted our forefathers,
grandfathers and so on...
plenty of times a dark child seen the buzzards roam,
walk the streets in high definition,
nobody would pay attention,
nobody would listen to the
blood stains dripping from our hands,
today, the trees in the wilderness, are doing a hip hop,
dance although Moses is dead,
we should be enjoying the land of milk and honey,  
there is no need in pointing the finger,
when it's already on the trigger,
you sold your lust and I sold my greed,
not admitting the stuff  in between,
we  both broke the Creed of appropriate protocol,
you thought we had time and so did I, but,
if I told you "yes" I would be telling a straight lie,
as I look into my child's face trying hard to smile,
after our case is closed...