Dec 17, 2016

Holding On

The clasp surrounds my neck. He should have been here,
there are questions and answers lingering beside me.
His watering eyes dampened with pearls.
Still, into the red , I emerge inside an infectious romance.
I have fought in his blood; my ankles hold massive ringlets.
Does he not see the agonizing debates I am fighting for?
The one which causes the strongest to break down and sigh.
Every day our lungs are exploding, yet this is level one.
My mind flutters to heaven for relief. There will be brighter days.
Yes, there will be love for this man. I have expectations that surpass,
those following his compass. So the harmony I listen to.
I, the giver to his taking because I cannot stop loving him.
His lips have truth; I have heard them before.
Although, he is a self serving man; I see the flip side of the coin.
He doesn't turn around for any woman. It is my name, my zing that
puts the pearls in place. And his clasp surrounds my neck in each embrace.

All rights reserved by author

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