Dec 23, 2016

On December 25th

I must be the last one on his list. I've been dismissed by Saint Nick every December 25th.
You would of thought he could of dropped off at least a gift or two. Like vacation tickets on an exclusive tropical island. My pretty lips are still puckered for those piña coladas.  What about my fantasy night in the huge arms of a chocolate Casanova?  Instead I have neither, this happens every 25th of  December.
I don't deserve this unfair treatment. I left Saint Nick Famous Amos cookies and almond milk on the table. I even wore the fragrant sable in case he asked for a forehead kiss before his next shift. He is a jolly fella. With elegance I put up the most shimmering tree in my neighborhood. And to top it off I've been extra good this entire year. What does a woman have to do for her holiday cheer? Perhaps, I should join in with the Grinch. My eyebrows would  flinch at the sound of Christmas Carols. But, that's not my style to be known as the bytch who hates Christmas.  It seems as if the naughty list gets the first reindeer visits. I feel like Frosty who couldn't make it to the North Pole. Even the ho, ho, ho's are swinging on candy cane poles with smiles of glee. I'd be happy with a mangy puppy. Oh' Saint Nick do dabble and dip in your bag. I don't wanna be sad so please leave a gift under the tree for me.

By Jhpoetry 2015-2016
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