Jan 11, 2017

Summer in Winter

I have felt summer in winter.
Right by the campfire
there is the most serene and
alluring gestures that melt
the ice.
The hints of  summer blush about
A  whirlwind of  snow captures
our sultry  sprawls, fervid  silhouettes.
Like shooting  stars at midnight.
We  have become the white -hot  heat;
the winter's hottest tremble.
Clothes on or off, nothing can  stop
this blue passion.
In  your eyes burns my eternal candle.
You  can blow  on  my  fingertips;
I  shall kiss  the bite from your lips.
As our bodies swell  over and over...
On this aching night everything is
burning, sweating and making
winter sigh.

By Jhp ©2015-2016
All  rights reserved by author

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