Jan 11, 2017

The Absentee

When you have given
sent your omega farewell
into to the gusty winds
have ceased to sin
decided to drown
the fire within
gave up yourself
to be given

filled your mouth
yet, nothing comes out
not even your shouts
into the clouds
you search for things
that are world's apart
so near ,but, still so far

carbon copy delusions
are the ones you pursue
but,  never understand
and so you grab a hand
as lost souls move in
they are void of the
moon and sun

you continue to pretend
and shine on
wishing for that
happy place
a glittered page
where baited breaths
repeat the same phrase
as you walk in a maze
outside of your head
the sun begins to sting
the back your neck instead
causing you to become

you had a moment
you were alive
a warm blooded mammal
the most tamed disguise

By Jhp 2016-2017
All Rights reserved by author

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