Jan 31, 2017

What The Heart Adores

I want my poetry to evoke thoughtfulness,
vibrate the inner self until the winds blow,
trees lean forward as leafs are shaken,
beams the mind as it smiles
from sweet gestures,
like helping hands uplifting America,
healthy hearts beating as one with love,
so much thoughtfulness the spirit soars
upon magnetic energy,
the beginning of a golden river,
flowing as water from my pen,
through the human portals of my body and soul
I want my poetry to be a festival dance,
a perfume scent across his or her legs,
a magical caring shared among friends
searching the pink passion that is within,
a breaking free from reality,
to living inside a fantasy world,
I want my poetry to be everything the heart adores...

By Jhp 08/25/2016
All rights reserved by author

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