Feb 28, 2017

I Found The Words

When  words unspoken - mute the air. And our stares can not bear the fatal attraction.
When happiness dissolves within our reflection. And taste and touch  are  fleeting strong.

I  ask  myself, has  darkness come?
Has  it split  our bridge of  passion?

Those velvety eyes reaching into  mine,  two twirling figurines I  saw -  not one. An emergence  through the sands  of time; where  blooming buds leaned  upon  your chin and  mine.

The wind whispered in harmony  and  so did we. Our spiritual footprints shifting through lucid destinies,
like subtle African drum beats  and rippling waters.

If we could taste  the salt upon our parting lips then I'm sure  we could feel this tangible love within the sacred temple of our skins.

Among this superficial darkness,
I  still see  two  figurines- not  one.
They  are on  a  pebbled bridge; staring at a thorny rose.
One that pricks, causes the soul  to  bleed, pebbles that sting the soles  of their feet.

Yet  in  still, I  find us in every whispering  breeze.

So I ask,  do you?

By Jhpoetry ©2016
All rights reserved by author

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