Mar 21, 2017

A Long Legged Woman (free flow)

A long legged woman use to bring all the men to the yard.
Some for fun, others for small talk...
Nowadays, it seems she frightens the boys off.
She's like a life size toy ; the one his big brown eyes haven't seen before.
She can greet any man up and down, so what's all the fear behind a long legged woman? Young guys say her feet are too long; scary boys think
she will over power them in a thong.
She may cause him to have the dizzy headaches. He can't imagine getting busy with a long legged woman. 
But, she knows, a real man is not going to run when she enters his kingdom. Both of them can reign together. She's not bitter about the blessing God has bestowed upon her. Therefore she's a keeper; his perfect soul mate. A secure man would find comfort within the ranks of her sexy legs. She's like a tall glass of sparkling champagne. 
Her generous spirit is overflowing like the Nile river. What gentleman should fret a sexy leg rubbing against the small of his back? 
She doesn't bite nor does she come with a owners manual.  She's a beautiful butterfly who's ready to dance with someone.  Her future man could be five foot two or six foot three. Still, what truly matters is that he loves his queen. So the next time you see a long legged woman don't be afraid to ask her out on a date. 
Be bold about it! Shout it on every corner that you love yourself a long legged woman!  Just don't wait until it's too late. Her love is not up for debate. She will surely slip away and leave a stubborn man wandering.. 
He'll be asking has anyone seen my long legged woman? 

By Jhpoetry © 2016-2917
All rights reserved by author

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