Apr 27, 2017

Pen Juice Pt. 1 #tbt

I feel the burn
hot sand feet
a nudist retreat

there's no need
to hose or blanket me

to try and extinguish
the fuchsia ink,  staining my lips
of it at my fingers tips

I feel it
the burn is gaining its strength
a courageous  beast to deal with

on smoky nights and summer days
the blotter creeps about my page
the hotness it tries to change

may I explain the context
of my juicy ink
it's like a flavored fruit drink
a spoonful of honey

this is why
I ask of thee

permit my pen to rewrite history
and become your poetic epiphany

with sexy solutions
and mind blowing evolutions

that will leave you breathless,
stress less and longing for the best of
what a fuchsia pen has to offer

By Jhpoetry 2015-2016
All rights reserved by author


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