Apr 30, 2017

Whenever I Decide

Waking up this morning,
my purpose appears cloudy,
But, I know I was designed
for someone special.
Like a custom  fitted suit,
A Kangoo hat and Adidas shoes,
Lying under the full moon, I see  a
starless sky. I stare into my dreams.
It seems impossible to  have it all wrapped in the fold of my freckled arms.
My purpose was once a nurturer.
A title imbedded in my forevers.
But, my titles are becoming less and least important.  Like that of a wife, lover and friend.
Warm hands intertwine on long walks;
a sense of smile during brief talks.
The light and passion found in a mate's charm.
If only my heart could accept the pretty picture before seeing the scars.
It would come easier and faster...
Because time doesn't care about my bitchy feelings. And I'm starting to care less about the brown mole on my left thigh.
I ask myself why? Over a bowl of spaghetti, sitting alone in my comfort zone. Why does it take so long for me?
Sadness becomes silent.
Contentment is the dryer turning in the background. They have  great harmony;
the washer and dryer that is.
Each has a specific role.
But,  I'm not an appliance.
I own my emotions in this soulless world
I've wiped my behind of the Cinderella fairy tails. This love is  going to have to be tough, tougher than any of my heartbreak fails.

By Jhpoetry ©2016-2017
All rights reserved by author

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