Apr 8, 2017

You Complete Me

You  send me swinging,
polka dot kites laughing,
enjoying a breeze,
my sip of summer's iced tea,
that's you baby,
under your wings I'm protected,
I'm like a baby bird,
don't ever push  me out,
I can't fly without you,
You send me swinging...
At an eagles view or mountainous
 skyline;  my mind is beyond cloud nine.
But, I'm not captive to anyone or anything.
Your love is my miracle. It's like a mango
sunset on a gorgeous day.
There's even a change in the tempo
of my voice.  It's much lighter  of  course.
We've made each other better people.
And when you look at me,  pass my flaws,
I want you to dig deep and squeeze hard..
This here thing we have is truly ours.
We are the ones who can make or break love.  Simply ask the  moon and stars. Go ahead and ask the grass and flowers . They'll explain how we were made for each other.
From the  dust of the earth,
to the rib from your side,
I arise every day knowing that it's you who completes me.

By Jhpoetry © 2016-2017
All rights reserved by author


  1. Ty so much, good to hear from you and glad you enjoyed