May 28, 2017

A Day of Harvest

And I heard a whispering
wake up, arise  and
clear the cob webs
wipe the muddy footprints
the land is good,  fertile in you
I follow the whisper,  finding again
a sweet day of harvest
safe and sound for heaven watches
It's mine,  all mine as my mouth
needs to convince father time
by joyous labor, tender care
in the sway of feathery hips
I reach the holy path where
a whisper becomes an echo
my flesh purges;
my soul is thirsty like
April showers
By the greenish lake
heavy memories sink
into the setting sun
angels glisten as I chase
the  crisp vapors of raw
vegetables and  pink roses
I'm on the right path, I do believe
for the future feels right
and the love feels real

By Jhpoetry ©2016-2017
All rights reserved by author

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