May 8, 2017

The Way You Love

You have a way of catching me off guard.
I've tried to avoid you and it.  I cannot lie.
My hands are tied in your soft leather
and succulent touch. Well...
It's simply a tough resistance.
Your eyes ask me to put away the key.
You want me to stay for eternity.
How can I not love you?
My pulse beats on every  occasion.
The sigh in our noon day  connection.
A  rainbow of  assorted affections.
How can I  not love you?
I'm the writer  and you're the book.
We  are one in the same, still learning
and  gaining in our wisdom. Your heart
drips  and I listen~~as  I  lend  my ear  unto
a  greater cause. To  enjoy what exist
between the oceans deep  and  mountain highs.
They are  amazed  too.
How can I  not love you.

By Jhpoetry ©2015-2016
All  rights reserved by author


  1. Beautifully vivid and slightly intense. I really enjoy your flow.


  2. Try so much for the nice comment. x's